Friday, 8 August 2014

Ebola Outbreak: Nigerian Government Install Infrared Thermal Detectors At Entry Points

The Nigerian government says it has
installed infrared thermal detectors in two of its international airports and land borders all aimed at preventing the spread of Ebola virus.

In a meeting with the diplomatic corps and heads of international agencies in the country, top Nigerian officials assured the> international community of its readiness to contain the viral disease.

The Nigerian government says it is undertaking high- level measures to contain the spread of the ebola virus which is still restricted to one of its cities, Lagos.

As such most entry and exit points into Nigeria are now to have infrared thermal detectors which are meant to detect high body temperatures.
Nigerian authorities also say they are not contemplating border closures or banning flights from some affected countries in the west African region as it will be counter-productive.

The Liberian and Sierra Leonean ambassadors complained of stigmatization of their citizens in
some Nigerian cities and are asking for the government’s intervention.
Most diplomats and international organisations pledged to support Nigeria and ECOWAS countries to curtail the Ebola virus but want African governments to step up public health campaigns.

TV Continental