Friday, 8 August 2014

Three Students Shot As Unical Student Union Government (SUG) Election Turns Violent

Three Students of the University of Calabar were on Wednesday evening shot by stray bullets discharged from the riffle of a security officer of the university.

The shooting occurred sequel to an inconclusive Student Union Government election contested by four candidates: Emmanuel Akobi, Ajang Emmanuel, Ilefa Austin and Afo Nelson.

According a student who functioned as observer in the election, Ekere Sylvanus, a year three political Science Student, trouble started when some of the students who registered to vote but could not find their names in the electoral register were not allowed to vote.
“Some students who registered during the registration exercise could not find their names on the Voters Register and the Electoral Officer who was assigned to conduct the election by the Vice Chancellor asked them to wait in a queue and the number rose to about three hundred and when it was 3pm when the election was scheduled to end, the Electoral Officer said the election
had ended prompting those students to insist they should be allowed to vote”.