Tuesday 20 March 2018

Pirates Attack Another Ship in Bonny, Off Nigeria Coast

Pirates armed with guns boarded a product tanker approaching the Bonny Fairway Buoy on March 6, 2018, according to the International Maritime Bureau Piracy Reporting Centre (IMB-PRC). 

The crew of the ship reportedly raised the alarm and activated ship security alert system (SSAS) before mustering in the citadel.
The Nigerian Navy was notified and patrol boats were immediately deployed to assist the unnamed vessel.
As all crew were in the citadel, the pirates were unable to take any hostages, according to the IMB-PRC.
The pirates reportedly damaged some navigation and communication equipment and escaped.
Later, the master and crew emerged from the citadel and took back control of the tanker and sailed to a safe port. All crew were reported safe.
The incident happened around 21 nautical miles southwest of Bonny Island.
In late February 2018, two vessels were attacked by armed pirates in separate incidents off the coast of Bonny Island. Both attacks were aborted due to defensive measures undertaken by the vessels’ crew.   
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