Sunday 23 February 2014

How Nigeria Can Overcome Terrorism/Insurgency & Instability (Pt 1)

The unrelenting insecurity, terrorism/insurgency miasma in Nigeria is disturbing. Innocent people are arbitrarily hacked to death, the issue is talked about for a few days, a Committee/Panel is assembled and the whole episode fizzles out sooner than later. Terrorism/Insurgency and insecurity has taken a big toll on innocent lives, public infrastructures and Nigeria’s economy. A recent report suggests Nigeria’s military campaign against terrorism and insurgency may have gulped over N1 trillion. Caging Boko Haram has hitherto proved cagey due to the unconventional (Guerrilla-war nature) of their operation with a trend towards ‘Lone Wolf’ terrorism - maximizing the use of surprise, terror  by a loose network of individuals or groups sympathetic to a common cause. The potency of terrorism is essentially psychological; terrorists know they cannot win the war so they attempt to make the price of their antagonist’s victory exorbitant.

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-Edward Everett Hale (1822-1909)