Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Terror Alert! Terrorists Implant Bombs Inside Quran

Quran laced with Bomb
Alwaght- ISIS terrorists implant bombs inside Islam’s holy book of Quran and leave them behind to explode in case of movement
Terrorists implanted explosive materials inside Qurans and left them on the streets and doorways of Kanus village near Mosul, an Iraqi security official told Kol al-Iraq news site.

He said dozens of such Quran volumes have been found in the village that terrorist have cut the pages and placed an explosive device inside, he said.

This is not the first time, ISIS terrorists have used the Muslims’ holy book as explosive traps, previously they had used similar bomb in Iraqi cities of Ramadi and Diayala after they were defeated in both cities by Iraqi army.

Analysts believe the disrespect for the holiest book in Islam proves that ISIS terrorists have no religious ideology despite their propaganda and are being used for political ends by certain countries.

Kanus village in Shirqat region, near Mosul was liberated by Iraqi army and volunteer forces on Sunday.
Iraqi army supported by Popular Mobilization and Kurdish peshmerga forces launched an operation in October to liberate Mosul from ISIS domination. 

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