Thursday, 8 January 2015

Chad Says Boko Haram Thrives In Nigeria & Cameroon Because Their Armies Are The Most Corrupt In The World"

The message to Boko Haram is clear. The Islamist group Boko Haram should avoid brushing against the Chadian border, if the reaction of the Chadian army will be immediate and terrible.

Cameroon and Nigeria face the military offensives of the Islamist sect Boko Haram begins to gain ground by registering huge losses in the two African armies.

Chad is following with particular attention the situation on the ground.

Some people wonder why Chad is not involved?

If the two armed struggle to stop the advance of the Islamic sect that is not because they are deprived of the means, but simply because they are the most corrupt of the continent.

Senior officers had been involved with the sect that seems well informed about their armies.
The situation of these two armies in all states do not encourage the involvement of the Chadian army which could expose yourself to danger.

What is happening in our neighboring countries is deplorable and Chad intervenes only if the sect crossed the red line. The Chadian border is a red line and the sect knows it.

Iran informed the Islamic state to be held in forty kilometers of its borders, otherwise, it will be subject to a robust military intervention.

For Chad, the message is clear to Boko Haram. It should avoid brushing the Chadian border if the reaction of the Chadian army will be immediate and terrible.



Unknown said...

Hi Don,

Many thanks for this and all the other articles, they are informative, educative and useful too. On the comment made by the Chadian President, I think I beg to disagree with you partially. Yes our army may be corrupt, for the Cameroonian army, am indifferent because I know little or nothing about the management of the Cameroonian Army
Chadians are enjoying relative peace, not because the country has the best of fighters and that the troop is well and corruption-free, but because Chad is in support of Boko Haram for pecuniary gains. There are series of evidences to support this. A not too far-fetched evidence was revealed recently when most, if not all of the loots by Boko Haram were found in Chad
Don, as a prolific and a fact-finding writer that you are, please do something in this area?

Don Okereke said...

Apologies for responding to your post belatedly. I missed your comment.

Thanks for your insightful contribution and analysis.

Yes, insinuations, conjectures are rife that Chad has a hand in this Boko Haram imbroglio. Perhaps this explains why the Nigerian government unashamedly fell for a scam called ceasefire agreement.

You mentioned that Boko Haram's loot were found in Chad. Was it their properties or monies that were found? Granted BH trades some of their victims for ransoms but I am not aware the Sect maintains traceable bank accounts. Will try to beam my searchlight in this direction.

I think Nigeria's military/security apparatchik (the National Intelligence Agency (NIA), the Directorate of Military Intelligence (DMI), the SSS, etc) of this world will do well to showcase incontrovertible evidence linking Chad with Boko Haram. The aforementioned organizations and individuals at the helm of affairs are better placed to unravel these things. Our bane in this part of the world is a systematic failure of intelligence and folks at the helm of affairs not taking responsibility for their actions and inactions.

Kindly peruse this piece: To Defeat Boko Haram: Put Square Pegs In Square Holes, Wield The Big Stick!
Your take on it will be appreciated.

Thanks once more for getting in touch.

Best regards.