Friday 20 April 2018

Safety, Security Tips For Foreign Travel – US Army

Summer is approaching and many will travel abroad either on official travel or for pleasure, and traveling to a foreign country can be a rewarding and positive experience. Whether you are an experienced or first-time foreign traveler, you should take your personal safety and security seriously. Here are some helpful foreign travel, safety and security reminders.

1. Know emergency numbers and potential safe areas. Have a realistic emergency action plan. Know how to contact local or host nation emergency services, if needed. Europe-wide emergency phone number is 110.

2. Be aware of your surroundings at all times.

3. Maintain vigilance and avoid confrontations in locations such as bars, discos, night clubs and other public gathering areas.

4. Always let someone know the details of your destination, departure, arrival and return times.

5. Be inconspicuous. Do not draw attention to yourself or dress in a manner which makes you stand out. Conduct yourself professionally and respect the host nation laws, customs and courtesies.

6. Avoid spontaneous gatherings and demonstrations.

7. If you come upon a demonstration, remain calm and disengage from the situation. Avoid speaking loudly or drawing attention to yourself, stay away from other likely areas for demonstrations/civil unrest or unsafe areas.

8. Travel in small groups (never alone) and vary movements.

9. Stay away from high-risk places and known high-crime areas.

10. Ensure your vehicle is in good working order and fuel tank is full. Never exceed below half tank, if possible.

11. Always use local maps or GPS, if available.

12. In the event of an incident at your destination or any location on your itinerary, notify your chain of command of your status as soon as possible.

13. Monitor local TV, radio stations, news and government and social media networking sites for updated information.

14. Consider joining an auto safety club in the event of a mechanical breakdown or vehicle accident.
15. Don't display large sums of money, especially U.S. currency.

16. When traveling by train, select a window seat in the middle section of open coach cars.

17. When traveling away from U.S. installations, consider staying in trusted hotels that do not have distinctly American names or service predominantly American guests.

18. Avoid staying in street-level rooms with direct access to hotel grounds or stairwells. If possible, stay in a room located between the fourth and tenth floor.

19. Use extra caution in hotel lobbies, nightclubs and other public places where bombs may be placed. Be aware of egress points in the event of an attack.

20. Carry a cell phone and pre-program emergency contact phone numbers.

21. Know local laws and customs before you go.

Culled from: United States Army Website

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