Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Breaking News! Indonesia Military Transport Plane Crashes in Medan

A military transport plane has crashed in a residential neighbourhood of the Indonesian city of Medan in northern Sumatra, officials say.

Local TV reported that the Hercules crashed into two houses and a car and burst into flames.

Military spokesman Fuad Basya told the BBC that the plane came down soon after take-off and that there were at least 12 crew members on board.
He said that it was not clear how many people had died. 

A major rescue operation is under way at the crash site which is still covered in flames and thick black smoke.
A large crowd has gathered at the crash site
Large crowds are watching the emergency services search the flaming wreckage, with the fuselage of the aircraft visible through the thick plumes of smoke. Buildings in the area of the crash were clearly damaged.

"I saw the plane from the direction of the airport and it was tilting already, then I saw smoke billowing," a local resident told the AFP news agency.
Correspondents say that it is the second time in 10 years that a plane has crashed into the Medan neighbourhood.

In September 2005, a Boeing 737 came down in a crowded residential area shortly after take-off from Medan's Polonia airport, killing 143 people including 30 on the ground.


Image credit: BBC

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