Thursday, 26 November 2015

Innovative Technology That Promptly, Seamlessly Detects Suicide Bombers From A Distance

Terrorism is arguably one of the biggest threats currently ravaging many parts of the world. Virtually all the continents – Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North and South America, contend with various levels of terror threat, especially with the trend in lone wolf terrorism. Data from the third edition of the Global Terrorism Index (GTI) 2015 report collated by the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) says Boko Haram and ISIS are the world’s deadliest terrorist organizations.
Domiciled in Nigeria, Boko Haram is said to be responsible for 6,644 deaths in 2014, while ISIS or the Islamic State which controls swathes of territory in Syria and Iraq is believed to have killed about 6,073 people in the same period. From all indications, indiscriminate terrorist attacks, bloodletting by ISIS, Boko Haram, Al-Shabaab, Alqaeda, their affiliates and sympathizers scattered across the world may not abate anytime soon.

As we know, terrorists bask on element of surprise, unpredictability and imparting fear on the populace. One of their stock-in-trade, is suicide bombings which they often carry out employing improvised explosive devices (IEDs), explosive vests, belts amongst others. Governments all over the world, defense technology firms, national security agencies, security experts and other stakeholders continue to brainstorm on how to nip pervading terrorism and the phenomenon of suicide bombings in the bud. The most important question that begs for answer is: how to pre-empt and detect a terrorist who is carries not just a gun but concealed improvised explosive devices (IEDs) or an explosive vests/belts which more often than not, are not visible to the naked eye? This is where cutting-edge technology comes in.

Rapiscan Systems' headquartered in Torrance, California, the United States seem to have a solution to the aforementioned security challenge. Rapiscan’s CounterBomber® gadget is designed to protect high value assets against prospective suicide bombers. It is Ideal for premises - military and civilian facilities - stadiums, airports, rail stations, checkpoints, hospitals and schools. CounterBomber® is a reliable, fully mobile, boasts of fixed-based tracking system that combines radar and video technology to automatically detect concealed person-borne threats such as suicide vests and weapons, in real-time, at stand-off distances and wirelessly transmits pictures or live video of the threat to a remote handheld device. According to Rapiscan, the detection time to identify an approaching threat is within 3 to 5 seconds.

With this advanced technology, terrorists carrying concealed IEDs, explosive vests or belts, weapons such as rifles, handguns, machine pistols can be quickly detected before they gain access to hard or soft targets, places with a high concentration of people such as stadiums, airports, subways, train stations, schools and concert venues (the recent Paris attacks is a case in point. By promptly detecting a terrorist with a suicide vest or other concealed weapons, security departments or personnel now have an opportunity to quickly mitigate such threats before personnel or critical infrastructure are harmed.

CounterBomber® is rugged, highly accurate (high Pd, Low Pfa), intuitive and easy to use. Another plus is that unlike other products, CounterBomber® is safe to use as it does not involve imaging and has been extensively trialled and fielded by the United States Armed Forces and successfully deployed operationally across the globe since 2007 in urban, suburban, and rural environments with proven success.

For more information, visit Rapiscan Systems' website. Please remember to cite this blog post.

Rapiscan CounterBomber® will surely play a leading role in containing vestiges of Boko Haram suicide bombings in Nigeria and terrorism in other parts of the world.

Product review by:

Don Okereke

November, 2015

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