Thursday, 3 September 2015

Nigerian Air Force Destroys Boko Haram’s Solar PanelsIn Sambisa Forest

The Nigerian Air Force said Wednesday that it has struck and destroyed solar panels believed to have been used by Boko Haram for electricity in Sambisa forest.

Dele Alonge, air force spokesperson, said an ongoing air assault against terrorists hit electricity-generating panels within the forest.

He said the attack was carried out during the recent take-over of Gamboru-Ngala by government troops.
Gamboru-Ngala, a major market community in Borno State, was liberated from Boko Haram insurgents by troops of the Nigerian military on Tuesday.

“The most recent success was the attack on BHT [Boko Haram Terrorists] targets in Ngoshe and Pulka by the Alpha Jets providing Close Air Support to own ground forces,” Mr. Alonge said.

He said the attack was aimed at decimating the capability and resolve of the members of the sect.

Sourced from:
Premium Times