Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Garissa Attack: Kenya Freezes 86 Accounts With Suspected Al Shabaab Links

The Kenyan government has frozen 86 accounts of individuals and entities suspected of funding terror attacks in the country.

The government has also suspended informal cash transfer systems popular with the Somali community.

The traders have been asked to instead use commercial banks as the government clamps down on possible revenue sources and systems that facilitate terrorist activities in the country and region.

The as yet unnamed 86 entities have been on the government's watch list for links to the al Shabaab militia.

The closure of the accounts follows an attack on the Garissa University College last week Thursday that left 147 people dead and scores injured in an incident for which the al Shabaab have claimed responsibility.

Even as the government moves to cut the cash flow to the militants, leaders from the North Eastern region of the country announced Monday that they would name terrorist operating within the country, their financiers, and their sympathisers within one week.

"We recognise the reality of collaborators amongst our communities, and we will, with immediate effect, commence to identify, document and expose the members and financiers and sympathisers of al Shabaab," the leaders said in a statement.

There have been concerns that the terrorists may have been aided by local partners to access the university, where they butchered students in a 15-hour hostage carnage before they were gunned down.