Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Europe Education Minister Summit Brainstorm On Radicalization

EU Ministers of Education are meeting in Paris today to discuss new measures to tackle radicalization across the European Union. Minister Jet Bussemaker (Education) thinks that teachers need more support in highlighting the issue of radicalization in schools.

“What I hope to reach is good examples and a common European message.” Bussemaker said about the meeting, BNR reports. “It is naturally also about European central values: how do you deal with the separation of church and state and equality? These are themes that all ministers in Europe stand for.”

According to the Minister, schools can not deal with this issue alone. “When it comes to safety, the municipality has an important role, as well as welfare and child welfare.” Which is why Bussemaker and State Secretary Sander Dekker (Education) proposed a special training course for teachers to help them recognize radicalization in students.  “For teachers, a hotline and a coach-trainer project is on the way that should contribute to a successful Dutch approach.”

For her contribution to the meeting, Bussemaker will explain the Dutch school system. According to her, it is important to make the context clear as there is such a big difference with, for example, French schools. “Our schools are freer, yet we find it very important that citizenship has an important role in all forms of education. We want to connect the discussion about identifying and addressing radicalization with issues like bullying, lover boys and discussion of homosexuality.”


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