Saturday, 21 February 2015

Boko Haram Splits; Breakway Faction Circulates Message Critical of Shekau

Boko Haram has split under the recent relentless pounding from the Nigerian armed forces and diplomatic successes scored by President Jonathan, through the creation of a multilateral force against the terrorist organization.

— Leaflet circulating in Adamawa town
A breakaway faction of the Boko Haram militants have been dropping leaflets in some towns in Adamawa state. The leaflets contain messages of renunciation of violence and condemnation of the group’s current leadership.

Residents of Song and Gombi were the leaflets are circulating said that they were dropped mysteriously on Thursday.

A resident of Gombi, Adamu Yau said: “we saw flyers. We rushed to pick them and found out they contained message from Boko Haram written in Arabic, Hausa and English. I read the one in Hausa in which the writers expressed regret over the senseless killings,”

“The Holy Quran in Surah 8:61 taught us that Islam is a religion of peace, the conditions for jihad is clearly stated in chapter 2:100. The Quran further taught us in Surah 6:151 that we should not kill any innocent persons for Allah has made life sacred”, the leaflet read.

“We started on the right path through preaching. Today, we have burnt all the villages and killed people that are not of the same faith with us. We have also chased them out of their homes. We are now killing fellow Muslims in contradiction to Surah 4: 29-30 and in defiance to the instruction of Allah,” it further read.

“Brothers it is time for us to rethink our actions and stop the aimless destructions and wanton killings under the disguise of religion and jihad,” it added.

African Herald Express