Monday, 19 January 2015

Airport Security Increasing Due To Recent Terrorism Worldwide

The Department of Homeland Security is increasing safety measures after recent terrorism in Europe.

Several Sunday evening travelers tell Fox 8 they had similar wait times to what they would have expected.  But they also explained they would be prepared for any delays in the future.

“Safety is important you definitely want to feel like I’m traveling safe, plane is secure,” said flight passenger, Andre Stewart.

“I think we should take as many security precautions as possible to keep everything safe, but it is sad to see some of these things going on across the world.”

Europe is on high alert after recent terror attacks, so the DHS is increasing random passenger searches and luggage searches at U.S. airports.

“I’m all for it, I think there’s a need for extra protection,” said Donna Borstein, who came back from Chicago on Sunday.

Others did say they think screenings can be too excessive at times.

“It invades your privacy because they check up everything and you feel sad when your bag is opened in front of everyone,” Chinmay Shingote said.

Regardless of opinion, most travelers agreed they want to get to their destination safely.

“I think more people are tolerant about whatever they need to do to keep things safe,” one traveler said.
In addition, the Department of Homeland Security stresses the importance of public awareness at this time.
If you see something out of the ordinary, say something.

accessed: 19/01/2015