Friday, 14 November 2014

British Prime Minister - David Cameron To Reveal New Laws To Fight Terrorism In The UK

David Cameron
David Cameron will unveil fresh laws to fight terrorism in the UK in a speech to the Australian parliament focusing on how to stem the flow of foreign fighters to Syria and Iraq.

The British prime minister will tell Australian MPs that the United Kingdom and Australia must stand together to fight the terrorist threat posed by Isis. He will also address the issue of trade protectionism.

In a speech to the Australian parliament in Canberra, he is expected to set out details of how he will try to prevent the flow of young British Muslims to Syria and the terms by which their return will be managed by British security forces.

Australia has produced some of the world’s most powerful counter-terrorism legislation.
Cameron will describe the UK-Australia relationship as “an alliance that has been forged in adversity and tested over time” adding that “it is hard to think of another country to which the British people feel so instinctively close”.

The prime minister is expected to say: “At the very bedrock of our relationship, are the values we share.
“We have stood together so often, and do so today, not just because we faced common threats, but because we believe in the same things. In the rule of law. In the fundamental right of individuals to choose and change their governments. In open societies and economies and free trade as the only route to thriving, stable societies; and that the strength of a government is determined by the freedom that flows to its citizens, not the powers it gathers for itself.

“These shared values are the beating heart of our alliance. The qualities that make our societies great and our economies strong.

“My argument today is that it is these values, the values that bring us together and that have made our countries great, which should guide us through the challenges we face today.

“Our success and security in the future will not come from trying to emulate others; but by being ourselves, by having faith in the values that have shaped our countries, and applying them to the modern world.”

The Guardian