Thursday, 2 October 2014

Jonathan: Terrorists ’ll Fail, Vows To Rein In Insurgency

President Goodluck Jonathan remained defiant yesterday, saying terrorists will fail. He vowed to check their onslaught and urged them to lay down their arms and embrace peace.

President Jonathan, in a 20-minute Independence Day broadcast aired on television and radio networks,   said Nigeria was in a sober mood due to the activities of terrorists.

But he noted that his administration had recorded giant strides in various sectors of the economy.
He urged politicians to put the love of the country first in all they do ahead of February’s general elections.
The recommendations at the national conference, the President said, would be implemented as a committee had been constituted to facilitate it.

He said: “On an occasion like this, it is important that we remember all the precious souls that have been lost in the unprecedented war of terror unleashed on some parts of our country by these individuals who want to compel us to live our lives their way. They will not succeed!”

“In their mission, they have maimed and raped. They have killed men, women and children, rendering many children orphans and several women widows. They have made violence their ideology and are bent on destroying our country. Dear countrymen and women, we will not allow them.”
“Night after night, day after day, our security forces continue to engage the terrorists in battle. My gratitude goes out to our armed forces whose will has been greatly challenged by this insurgency more than any other time, since the civil war,” he said, adding:
“Yet, they have remained undaunted and unwearied in the face of constant challenge and mortal danger. Driven by patriotic zeal, they are turning the tide by their prowess and determination. As Commander-in-Chief, I will continue to do all it takes to enable them to keep on inflicting devastating blows at the heart of terror. Fellow Nigerians, it is our collective duty as patriots to avail our men and women in uniform of all the support they need to fight and win this war.”

The President also promised that his administration will listen to the terrorists that have genuine grievances, if they bring their grievances to table for dialogue.
He expressed gratitude to the international community for working with Nigeria to confront insecurity.
On the National Conference, Jonathan said: “I have made a firm commitment that we would act on the recommendations of the conference. This, I have started by setting up the ministerial committee headed by the Attorney General of the Federation to work out the modalities for implementing the Report. Every promise I make, God willing, I will see to its fulfilment. I assure you, we shall implement the report.”
He described the National Conference as the greatest centenary gift to Nigeria, pointing out that one of the major lessons for the Conference is that Nigeria, as a multi-ethnic country like, must embrace painstaking dialogue until a consensus is established.

Speaking on the economy, infrastructure and Nigeria’s democratic process, Jonathan said: “Our 54-year journey as a nation has not been easy. There have been tough periods, but the Nigerian spirit and the unflagging resilience of our people have seen us through. We will continue to march forward to greater heights.
“Our Administration has made a commitment to ensure that we build and sustain a democratic infrastructure anchored on free and fair elections. International and local observers have attested to the positive evolution of electoral credibility and we cannot afford to relent.
“We will continue to ensure that the will of the electorate prevails so that political leaders would be reminded at all times that there is a day of reckoning when they have to go back to the people at the polls. Election days must not be days of violence and death. We must remain vigilant to ensure that our electoral process is characterised by peace, security and transparency.

  - The Nation