Monday 25 August 2014

Suspected Fulani Herdsmen Kill 13 In Fresh Violence In Wukari

Suspected Fulani herdsmen yesterday killed 13 people and destroyed more than 50 houses in fresh attacks on Wukari villages in Taraba state, BBC Hausa Radio reported.

Similar attack from gunmen on Bishu village of Wukari local government a day earlier also claimed the lives of
six people, the BBC report said.
Mr Zondu Huku, leader of the Jikun Youth Association said there were about 50-suspected Fulani herdsmen who stormed Muba village, dominated by Jukun ethnic group, at around 7am yesterday and killed seven people instantly.

But the herders in the area have distanced themselves from the atrocity, describing it as “baseless” and without evidence.
Speaking via telephone, Huku said “At around 7am, there is a Jikun village called Muba, which came under the attack of Fulani, totaling 50. They came with heavy weapons and killed seven people.
“One person is still missing; although we don’t know whether is also dead or he is still alive. We are now preparing to go for the funeral of the seven slain people in the village.”

But while reacting to the allegation against them, a Fulani herder, Malam Audu Ali said “this accusation of an attack is baseless. We are not aware of it.
“They are the ones who possess weapons. They have guns, and that is why they chased us out of our homes
in Wukari. We don’t have weapons. It may even be that the attackers came from amongst themselves, because
we are unaware of anything like that.”

When he was told of the Jikun people’s recognition of the attackers as Fulani herders, Malam Ali replied that “if they are insisting that Fulani are the ones who did that (attack) on the village, let them show it, let them come up with any evidence. This is just a mere allegation.”


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