Thursday, 14 August 2014

Nigerian Military Well-Equipped, Motivated To Dislodge Boko Haram Terrorists In Gwosa

The Armed Forces is working to set Gwoza town in Borno state free of terrorist elements and will leave no
portion of the country for terrorist occupation Defence spokesman Major General Chris Olukolade said

Addressing newsmen in Abuja yesterday at an event organised by the I-Nigerian Initiative, a non-governmental organization working to change the negative perception of Nigerians, Olukolade said “all we can say is that we are still working and we are not leaving that community or any part of Nigeria for terrorist to occupy.”

He said: “No portion of this country is available for terrorist to occupy, if they appear to be doing so, it’s just a joke and with respect to these locations, everything is being done to ensure that everywhere in Nigeria is secured enough.”

General Olukolade dismissed allegations that the Nigeria military is not motivated or equipped to fight the insurgents.
“The Nigerian military is well trained for the kind of war that it is presently engaged. Even before the advent of
terrorism, our training doctrine has factored in counter terrorism right from the beginning.”

On military weapons and equipment, the defense spokesman said: “Be sure that it is incremental but you would see them when they are in action,” while denying allegations of corruption in the military. He noted that such claims only demoralizes the military.

Speaking on reports of the operational capabilities of the insurgents, the Defence spokesman said, “It is not likely that the level of freedom of action attributed to these guys is as potent as it is made to believe,” adding that, “the whole of the current recent trouble is that they are being attacked where they thought they could settle.”

He also said the probe over the Amnesty International report alleging extra judicial killings by soldiers is

General Olukolade explained that soldiers complaining about rotation from posting in the northeastern part of the country are being mischievous, noting that the military has no place for troop rotation when posted within the country.

“If you are in foreign mission yes there is rotation, and let me tell you the same people making this complains, when they go on foreign missions and they say it is time for rotation they will be asking for extension because they are looking for dollars,” he said.