Monday, 14 July 2014

Tribute To Lieutenant S.K Leo, Due To Wed August 30th But Axed By Boko Haram

Written by: Don Okereke

Lieutenant S.K Leo, a charming, young Army officer was reportedly killed in a recent attack by Boko Haram. He was due to wed on 30th August 2014 but did not live to witness his wedding.  So sad!

Lt. Leo, you are a hero, you died in the line of duty in the service of your country doing what you loved doing. Be rest assured you did not die in vain. Generations unborn will remember you when the history of this country is written. The least Nigeria's so-called leaders owe you is to put Nigeria first like you did and urgently sort out the mess, embarrassment that Nigeria is fast becoming.

May God grant your family, fiancee and friends the fortitude to bear your irreparable loss. Our heart and prayers are with them. May your soul and those other fallen heroes rest in peace, amen. We pray for serving members of our Armed forces and other security personnel; may God continue to protect you all. No matter how long it takes, Light will surely triumph over darkness!

We sincerely implore Boko Haram to sheathe their sword and end this senseless bloodletting campaign which is swiftly eroding the modicum of trust, camaraderie between those genuine, honorable and kindhearted folks from northern Nigeria and their brothers from other parts of Nigeria.

Let all Nigerians Unite and SAY NO TO INSECURITY AND TERRORISM. Be security conscious! Call Nigeria's national emergency number: 112 or other relevant security agencies to report suspicious activities in and around you.

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