Friday 25 July 2014

Lagos State Police Launch Counterterrorism Enlightenment Campaign

THE police in Lagos State have begun an enlightenment campaign on how to fight terrorism with the launch of security tips pamphlets, which will be shared to the people of the state.

Over 17 million pamphlets, containing tips on how to prevent, identify and tackle terrorism will be distributed among the people of the state.

This was disclosed on Thursday by the image maker in charge of the state police command, Sade Braide, who said the new initiative was necessitated by the security challenges in many parts of the country.

Braide, while speaking on the pamphlets  entitled:   “Counter- Terrorism  Campaigns”  said the content would help Lagosians to be more security-conscious and know what to do when confronted by any security issues.

The Lagos police image maker stated that strategies had been mapped out to  distribute the pamphlets in churches, schools, banks, hotels, among other places.

She advised that “people should know their neighbours and their means of livelihood. Landlords should conduct background checks on all their prospective tenants.”

She  also advised that residents of the state should “draw the attention of the police to vehicles parked or abandoned by unknown persons, do not allow unknown persons to drop or abandon bags, boxes, fruit barrows, trolleys, articles of trade or cartons.”

The Lagos police image maker also advised that “ legitimate sellers of chemicals such as fertiliser, ammonium products, acid, etc should be wary of persons they sell such products to.

She said people should be vigilant at public places,  as objects such as bombs could be kept by unscrupulous persons in unattended bags, packages, cans, and containers.


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