Monday, 14 July 2014

Boko Haram Claims Responsibility for Abuja, Lagos Bomb Attacks

Leader of Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau, has said that his group was responsible for the bomb attacks
on fuel depot on June 25 in Lagos and another in Abuja the same day.
Reuters reports Shekau as claiming that he ordered the attacks.
"A bomb went off in Lagos. I ordered the bomber who went and detonated it," the reports said Authorities said the blasts on Creek road were an
accident caused by a gas canister, but the security sources told Reuters that was a coverup meant to avoid panic in the southwestern city of 21 million people. At least two people were killed.

"You said it was a fire incident. Well, if you hide it from people you can't hide it from Allah," Shekau says in the
video, which according to AFP shows him next to at least 10 gunmen in front of two armoured personnel
carriers and two pickup trucks.
A confirmed attack by Boko Haram would be a cause for concern. Lagos is both an international business
hub and a usually peaceful but at times uneasy melting pot of ethnicities from the mostly Christian south and Muslim north that have fought street battles in the past.

The target of the Lagos bombs was a fuel depot. Had it gone up, it could have caused a massive chain
explosion and disrupted Nigeria's mostly imported fuel supply.
Security sources say it may have been the work of a group or individual inspired by Boko Haram. Shekau
has been known to claim attacks suspected to be the work of another Islamist group or a criminal gang.
Shekau gets the Governor of Lagos State wrong, taunting Adams Oshiomole, who is in fact the Governor the southern Edo State, the agency reported.

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