Friday, 20 June 2014

Australia Formally Lists Boko Haram As Terror Group

 Australia has formally listed Nigerian militant group Boko Haram as a terrorist organisation.
The move makes it illegal to fund, train with, recruit for or become a member of the group that became notorious when it kidnapped 250 schoolgirls in April.
Australia has joined with the US, UK, Canada and Nigeria in their decision to list the group.
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced plans to list Boko Haram last month, saying the world was transfixed and horrified by the group's hostage taking.

They are also responsible for the deaths of another 300 people in recent bombings.
People found to be associated with the group could face up to 25 years in jail.
New Zealand designated Boko Haram as a terrorist entity earlier this year.
That means any assets held by Boko Haram and found in New Zealand now or in the future will be frozen. It will also be a criminal offence to deal with their property or make property or financial services available to them.