Friday, 30 May 2014

US Secretary of State, Kerry Says an 'All Out Assault' to Rescue Chibok Schoolgirls ‘Very Risky’

US Secretary of State John Kerry warned that a Nigerian offensive to go after Boko Haram and attempt to free 219 kidnapped schoolgirls “could be very risky.”

John Kerry, in an interview with PBS NewsHour’s Gwen Ifill, was responding to Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan’s vow to free the abducted students by ordering a “full scale-operation” against Boko Haram Thursday.

“I think an all-out assault — I’m not sure what that means; I’d want to know what that means — it could be very risky to the young women. And there may be a time and place for that but we need to look at this very closely,” said Kerry during the interview at the State Department.

Kerry said he hope to be speaking with Jonathan some time “over the course of today or tomorrow” and said he was not aware of any requests for the U.S. to participate in any such operation.

PBS Newshour

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Anonymous said...

Jonathan Good luck and his government is the cause for pandering up to all stakeholders including the radical Muslims to stay in power. He must disarm militia make its a death sentence to carry a gun-hang a few dozens and then covertly go after Boko Haram-give large rewards for death of its members. Oil money should be used to built strong infrastructure-roads-access to all the parts of the country, schools and military call up. Use all sorts of tactics to disarm militia including giving opportunities like jobs, licenses, education, land and homes